ISPRS Ann. Photogramm. Remote Sens. Spatial Inf. Sci., I-2, 235-239, 2012
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06 Aug 2012
M. Nagai1, M. Ono2, and R. Shibasaki2 1Geoinformatics Center, Asian Institute of Technology, Km.42, Paholyothin Highway, Klong Luang, Pathumthani, 12120, Thailand
2Center for Spatial Information Science, University of Tokyo, 5-1-5, Kashiwanoha, Kashiwa-shi, Chiba 277-8568, Japan
Keywords: Semantic Interoperability and Ontology for Geospatial Information Abstract. Standardization organizations are working for syntactic and schematic level of interoperability. At the same time, semantic interoperability must be considered as a heterogeneous condition and also very diversified with a large-volume data. The ontology registry has been developed and ontological information such as technical vocabularies for earth observation has been collected for data interoperability arrangement. This is a very challenging method for earth observation data interoperability because collaboration or cooperation with scientists of different disciplines is essential for common understanding. Multiple semantic MediaWikis are applied to register and update technical vocabularies as a part of the ontology registry, which promises to be a useful tool for users. In order to invite contributions from the user community, it is necessary to provide sophisticated and easy-to-use tools and systems, such as table-like editor, reverse dictionary, and graph representation for sustainable development and usage of ontological information. Registered ontologies supply the reference information required for earth observation data retrieval. We proposed data/metadata search with ontology such as technical vocabularies and visualization of relations among dataset to very large scale and various earth observation data.
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Citation: Nagai, M., Ono, M., and Shibasaki, R.: EARTH OBSERVATION DATA INTEROPERABILITY ARRANGEMENT WITH ONTOLOGY REGISTRY, ISPRS Ann. Photogramm. Remote Sens. Spatial Inf. Sci., I-2, 235-239,, 2012.

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